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& Accessories

5 piece tool kit
5 piece fusion kit
tube locks
premium tube lock Color chart 
aluminum tube lock color chart
Sizes :
8F (Small)
9F (Medium)
10F (Large)
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clips Color chart 
Hair storage bag with hanger
Hair Storage Bag with Hanger
Colors: Beige, White and Pink
Wooden Clamp Hanger
Velvet lining Included
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Other accessories
Tape Adhesive Roll
Double-sided Medical Grade Tape Adhesive
1 Core
3 Rolls
36 Yards (864 Replacements)
Tape Extension Replacement Tabs
Replacement Tabs come in Thin and Wide
Thin: 30 pieces / 2 sheets
Wide: 36 pieces / 3 sheets
Heat Guard Disks
10 pieces per pack
Wet Brush Collection
Wet Brush Collaboration Collection

Colors Pink and Black
Keratin Glue Sticks
Keratin Glue Sticks (10 Pieces Clear)
Drip Free Liquid Remover 4 oz.
Spray Liquid Remover 4 oz
Gel Type Remover 4 oz
Color Rings
Fusion Color Rings: I-Tip, U-Tip and Tape
Clip-In Color Rings:
Lengths, Pure, C&G
Smart Hair Color Ring
Couture Fiber Color Ring: unified
Capellia Weft Color Ring
Ambience Top Pieces Color Ring
Tape Color Swatch
Flatbed Plier
Flatbed Plier (for Multi-Use)
Crochet Hooks
Golden Hook (1 dozen)
Wooden Hook (1 piece)
Heat Comb
Heat Comb
Red Plier Wooden Needle Set
Red Plier Wooden Needle Set
Professional Fusion Iron
For U-Tip Keratin Extension Perfect Heat Control
Hair Couture Small Kit Bag
Small Kit Bag with Shoulder Strap
Hair Couture Large Kit Bag
Large Kit with Shoulder strap
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