When Hair Couture began over 10 years ago, our goal was to help stylists and beauty supply owners better their portfolios and catalogs. Our place in this industry became more and more complete, but one day we realized what we could offer could mean so much more to so many people. This is in part thanks to Philecia La’Bounty, a 32-years-young breast cancer patient who was, and still is, undergoing radiation treatments.

“I miss my old self.”

Philecia came to Hair Couture after suffering from hair loss during her treatments for ductal carcinoma in situ (a type of non-invasive cancer), and to say Philecia’s positive attitude was extremely infectious is an understatement. She wanted to return to the hobbies she loved, like modeling, crafting, and traveling after struggling with her illness for many months.

Before and after Philecia’s treatments.

But most importantly, Philecia wanted our help to return her appearance to how she had looked before the treatments. This was something we hadn’t attempted before as we mainly worked with salons and stylists, but we wanted more than anything to help Philecia feel whole again.

“I love the range of styles and colors.”

Once Philecia could see that we not only had her best interests in mind, we knew our team could really perfect Philecia’s new look. After visiting Hair Couture, Philecia told us, “I love the range of styles and colors, the curls and waves are perfect, I love the fun colors too!” One misconception we helped Philecia realize was that wig styles aren’t always straight or curly hair. Wigs, extensions, and the other products we offer are much more versatile than other brands. “I love changing my style, playing with colors and lengths, textures and looks. but other days, I am tired of not feeling myself, I miss the way I used to look. I miss my old self and I really miss ponytails, messy buns and French braids,” Philicia told us. After spending some time with our specialists, Philecia was able to look through our catalog of styles, colors and trendy designs within our wig selection, eventually finding some selections that she felt connected her present self with her old self.

A few tips if you’re undergoing treatment like Philecia:

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