Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Trying to find a natural-looking wig or hair extension can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don’t know what you are looking for. While both real human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have their advantages, there are several real reasons only 100% Human Hair wigs and extensions like the ones sold by Hair Couture are the best in the industry, using premium quality 100% Human Remy Hair. Here are a few reasons why using 100% human hair will only benefit the look you’re trying to achieve!

1. Human hair wigs can be washed and styled.

Unlike synthetic hairpieces, all-natural human hair wigs and extensions can be easily washed and even styled differently just like real hair. In fact, it really depends on how often you want to switch up your look. With natural hair, you can change your style each day, and to top it off, human hair wigs and extensions can even be colored and recolored. However, synthetic wigs cannot be colored, or heat styled to change their texture. With more natural-looking human hair wigs, you have a lot more flexibility with your look!

2. Human hair wigs have great longevity.

Human hair wigs and extensions can last from one year up to three years. Even with multiple stylings and daily use, human hair wigs tend to outlast synthetic ones. In fact, heat-friendly synthetic wigs have the shortest life span of any type of wig. One way to extend the life of your natural hair wig is to buy two of them at once and rotate them depending on how often you wear each.

3. Human hair wigs are of better quality.

The Remy human hair wigs, like the options presented by Hair Couture, are the only premium quality option in creating beautiful, natural-looking hair. This is done by keeping hair follicles running in the same direction when collecting the hair for your wig. This reduces the probability of the hair getting tangled which creates a smoother and silkier look for your wig or hair extension, as well as a longer life span.

4. Human hair wigs have a realistic appearance.

With a synthetic wig, you may experience the discomfort of wondering if people around you know that you are wearing a wig. However, with the type of natural-looking human hair wigs sold by Hair Couture, those misgivings can be put aside with the confidence that everyone admires your organic looking hair. While synthetic wigs may appear shiny and stringy, human hair wigs look natural from a distance and in close proximity, because they are natural! You might even experience your friends, family, and co-workers complimenting your constant “good hair days.” Natural hair extensions also offer thicker and more beautiful hair transformations.

5. No harsh chemicals.

One thing that a synthetic wig can’t give you is a comfortable, realistic feeling when you wear it. With all-natural human hair wigs and extensions, the hair you wear will feel like it is part of you. It will have the familiar texture of authentic hair. The best quality hair is donated to create your wig from donors who have never used harsh chemicals, shampoos or dyes on their hair, while also weeding out split ends. This allows for your natural hair wig to have an outstanding texture.

If you’re looking to revamp your appearance or you’re a stylist broadening your clients’ options, visit Hair Couture for all of your wig and hair extension needs!

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