About Hair Couture

“Hair is not just an expression of style, or an affirmation of beauty, it can be a life changing moment for some”

- Hair Couture CEO

Hair Couture embraces beauty and confidence. We strive to invest in quality to bring out the two characters alive. The main focus at Hair Couture is our end users. When the salon chair turns, and the clients see themselves with their new hair, THAT SMILE is what drives us!


Many professional stylists who stand by Hair Couture quality seeks the same vision and continuously remain a loyal partner. Hair Couture works closely with professional stylists’ providing hair extension advice, customer service support and lead education courses to bring effective end results.


Hair Couture first introduced the No glue, No tape, No mess, “Invisi-Line Smart Hair” extensions in the European and Asian markets. Hence, our SMART HAIR became our signature line which made new waves in the hair extension industry. Many competitors try to mimic, but end-user’s know the difference.


Unlike other competitors, Hair Couture does not deal with a “factory agent” which can lead to inconsistent quality. We source through our own factory and purchase real human hair in villages in the outskirts of China, India, Korea and Thailand. Due to professional recognition of our cuticle-aligned hair, our supply and demand has grown immensely throughout the European and U.S. market for our fine, natural and tangle-free hair.


Hair Couture has extended a second branch in Southern California to meet the needs of our international market, introduction of our new product lines as Lengths, Smart Hair, Capellia along with our best selling fusion Lines has dramatically increased our existing market.


Our goal at Hair Couture is to become a leading brand in the hair extension industry working together with beauty professionals in every continent of the world.


Thank you for your interest in Hair Couture's educational program! 


educational curriculum 

Our curriculum consists of a la carte classes if you wish to specialize in one specific method as well as Master Class to learn all 9 types of methods. As a hair professional, continuing education is benefical to you in expanding your services as well as keeping up with trending demands. Whichever class you select, Hair Couture will make sure you are ready to take on another level of clienteles without charging you an arm and leg! Hair Couture classes are super affordable and we are a direct factory with more information, tricks and tips to share compared to any extension classes out there. 

Our education classes are designed to help you through the fundamental stages of hair extension application, maintenance, removal, move-ups as well as business-building strategies. Our team of educators are super detailed, courteous and professional with years of experience in the hair industry and a passion for the art of hair extensions. 

Hair Couture wants to partner with YOU! 

If you want to learn more about our classes.


Our education specialist will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to assist you. 

The Master Class is a One Day Program focusing on installation, removal, move-ups and maintenance of the following:

  • Keratin-Tips

  • I-Tips

  • Tape Extensions

  • Weft Extensions

  • Clip-Ins

  • Top pieces for balding and receding coverages

  • Halos

  • Ponytails and wraps

  • Extension accessories and tools overview.


A la carte Classes: Available or pick and choose to customize your class.

Master Class 
One Day Program